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Professional Services

Coordination, Planning, Research, and Review


Before and during the permit application review process, provide coordination with the regulatory agencies in order to answer questions that may arise or keep the review process moving forward. BECS will attend meetings, public hearings, and/or court hearings as needed.

Regulatory Permitting


BECS will prepare a complete application package for that includes the Joint Federal and State Permit Application Form, a completed Operations and Maintenance Manual, drawings prepared in accordance with State and Federal processing guidelines, list of adjacent property owners, Affidavit of Ownership and supporting documentation, and newspaper notice (per SCDHEC-OCRM requirements). BECS will navigate the project through the federal and state regulatory processes through to approvals.

Construction Management and Inspections


BECS have both the technical and communicative skills required to effectively manage construction projects, ensuring that both quality and efficiency will be paramount on each project.   

Testimony Services


Through years of specialized marine experience, BECS personnel has been called upon to provide testimony support on appealed cases.